Empire Covers Offer A Glimpse of New Faces From X-Men Days of Future Past

Empire Magazine is doing a special for X-Men Days of Future Past, with 25 collectable covers featuring 25 characters! Only 9 have been revealed so far, but those have given us a peek a some of the characters we’ve been holding out for.

You’ve got your basic scary Sentinel right here. But who wants to check out Quicksilver? Or maybe everyone’s favorite mutant buzzkill, William Stryker?



Here we’ve got a grown up Havoc, but… why is he in what look like military fatigues? What have you been up to, fella?

X-Men Days of Future Past, Empire Magazine, Havoc


Wow, Toad is going to be in this. Looking… very much not like Ray Park looked in the first one. Which is probably for the best?

X-Men Days of Future Past, Empire Magazine, Toad


That guy we all love to hate—William Stryker! Time for him to get busy in his usual mutant-hating capacity, this time as a really young guy in a uniform.

X-Men Days of Future Past, Empire Magazine, Stryker


And your first look-see at Quicksilver! Who is about as much of a punk as we were hoping.

X-Men Days of Future Past, Empire Magazine, Quicksilver


Check out the rest as a they appear over at Empire!


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