New Maleficent Trailer Makes us Question our Alliance with Good!

The new Maleficent trailer premiered last night! Where the earlier trailer focused on sweet, breathy Aurora, this clip finds Disney (at long last!) owning their true talent and giving us a gleeful, angry villain who lives up to her name. Angelina Jolie is already great in her few moments here, and yes, we know we’re suckers for dragons, but she’s going to make a great dragon.

Just to make sure we know what we’re in for, they’ve added a new version of “Once Upon a Dream”—a song formerly sung to adorable chipmunks and bunnies—performed by Lana Del Rey in all her melancholy glory. There is also a war between good and evil? And we’re not sure whose side… never mind. We know exactly whose side we’re on.

We’re pretty sure this film will be light on helpful bluebirds and delightful cake-baking scenes:


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