Just George R. R. Martin and Arya Stark Prowling the Streets of Santa Fe with a Wolf

We’ve already talked about the Jean Cocteau Cinema, which is currently hosting a GoT marathon. But did you know that Martin and his wife have also dedicated a lot of time and money to a place called the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary? And that this week some of the wolves joined Maisie Williams at the theater?

That’s right. Arya Stark and George R. R. Martin roamed the dark streets of Santa Fe with a wolf,  dealing out their own brand of justice, protecting the little guy, and probably riding off into the night on a motorcycle with two sidecars, one for Arya and one for the wolf.

Forget Game of Thrones, we want to watch that show.

The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico rescues wolves and wolf hybrids that can’t be released into the wild. The Martins have supported the sanctuary for years, and recently adopted ten wolves in the “Westeros Pack,” naming them after characters in ASOIAF. Perhaps this is what happens to characters when they leave the books? Maybe our world is the afterlife of the fantasy world of A Song of Ice and Fire, and anyone who dies there becomes a wolf here! Whoa. Mind blown.

On Monday, Martin continued his wolf advocacy by holding a special event at the Cocteau! He screened “A Golden Crown,” “You Win And You Die,” and “The Pointy End,” held a Q&A with Arya Stark herself, who made a point of talking to each person in line, and introduced two “wolf ambassadors” Flurry and Zorro! You can check out pictures from the event on the Jean Cocteau’s Facebook page, and watch this local news report, which features both Martin and one of the wolves saying hi to some cinemagoers. And, because this is too wonderful not to post, we also want to pass along a picture Martin shared:

That would be Maisie, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, and Sophie Turner (who have all become close friends after playing the Stark siblings) and Zunni, the dog who played Lady on GoT. Who was adopted by Sophie. Bloody, violent fantasy bringing people (and dogs) together. Touches the heart, it does.


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