The Twerking Stormtroopers You Didn’t Even Know You Were Looking For

It’s hard out there for a Trooper, with all the Jedi masters tricking you and Vader threatening to Force-choke you for the slightest infraction. Luckily these guys have found a way to blow off the stress of working on a Death Star—they’ve unlocked a talent for twerking! Too bad an unwelcome audience member shows up and ruins the party.

The best part is that this crew is a group of friends who wrote the song, “Beat Calls,” and then choreographed and filmed the whole thing themselves! We can think of no better way for people to spend their time than creating Star Wars-themed dance-offs.

We have to wonder, though: if Stormtroopers brought this sort of flow to their day jobs, maybe they’d actually be able to quash that pesky Rebellion…


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