Haunting Concept Art for the Neverending Story That Was Always Lurking in Our Imaginations

While The Neverending Story was a really fun movie to grow up on, when compared to Michael Ende’s novel, it was undoubtedly a light touch for an adapted work. Things are cuddlier and a bit more static and more melodramatic than they come off in the original.

Artist Nicolas Francoeur has done us all the favor of creating some concept designs for the book that are for more in keeping with its tone. They are gruesome, mysterious, and meticulous in their detail. We want someone to make a new film based off of these designs.


Here we have the Childlike Empress looking ethereal and perhaps a little cold:

Nicolas Francoeur, The Neverending Story, Childlike Empress


The RockBiter looks like something you might find in a Guillermo del Toro movie, doesn’t it?

Nicolas Francoeur, The Neverending Story, RockBiter


Xayide. Wow.

Nicolas Francoeur, The Neverending Story, Xayide


And a version of Gmork that no one would want to meet in a dark alley…

Nicolas Francoeur, The Neverending Story, Gmork


There’s more on Francoeur’s site, with designs for other characters from the book and more! (Not all of the artwork is SFW, by the way.)

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