Superheroes Reimagined by Native American Artist Are Simply Stunning

Artist Jeffrey Veregge has used his Native American heritage as inspiration for superhero and movie based artwork, and the results are nothing short of stunning. These unique interpretations have such bold plays on color and geometry that they totally blew us away. Check out more of them below and head over to his website!


Supes, you are looking fab:

Jeffrey Veregge, Superman


Batman being boss, as per usual:

Jeffrey Veregge, Batman


Ugh, this Iron Man. We will gaze into Tony Stark’s eye forever:

Jeffrey Veregge, Iron Man


And our Friendly Neighborhood Web Guy just hanging around!:

Jeffrey Veregge, Spider-Man


There’s more! You should really head over to Jeffrey Veregge’s website and take a peek at Hellboy saving a kitten, if nothing else.


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