Morning Roundup: Batman Tackles His Most Delicious Case Yet!

Tiny Batman will not rest until he has purged Gotham City of its arch-fiend, The Zester! Artists Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida have found a wonderful way to play with their food in their project MINIMIAM, creating whimsical landscapes from donuts, melons, and marshmallows. While we loved their canteloupe-based Ridley Scott homage, our favorite was the iconic image of the Bat signal shining over a Gotham made of lemon cookies.

Morning Roundup would be happy to just talk about lemon cookies for the rest of the day, but there are more things to discuss! Like the Apollo 13 astronauts! And LEGO! And…Sherlock spoilers! OK, that one isn’t quite accurate, but Sherlock does spoil a few things in an adorable video below. Click away!


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