Steampunk Events for January 2014

Still buzzing off the holiday cheer? Extend the celebration into 2014 by attending some steampunk events for your New Year’s Resolution. This is the third year that Kevin Steil the Airship Ambassador and I have brought you the latest retrofuturistically-inclinded events from around the world, and we’re excited to have a line-up of guest contributors to help give some additional insights. To begin 2014, we have returning contributor Pablo Vasquez, the co-chair for ’Aetherfest, on-hand to bring some Texas know-how to the list.’

Did we miss out on your event for January? Give a shout in the comments below. People can also submit future events to be featured too. Email [email protected] by January 15th, 2014 with the details for upcoming February happenings.

All descriptions are taken from the event’s website or Facebook unless stated otherwise.

The Airship Ambassador Recommends:

Brass Ring Academy and Cabaret

Brass Ring Academy and Cabaret
Jan 4—New England Carousel Museum, Bristol, CT

Start the new Year off with music in your heart. We are very proud to present an event chock full of the very best in Victorian and Steampunk presenters, performances, creators, tinkerers, gadgeteers, airship captains, carousel horses, and, we very much hope, YOU. Come as you are, or as you always wanted to be- creatively period dress is encouraged but not required. Enjoy a full day of classes and discussions which will educate, entertain, and delight you, followed by an evening of music, dance, magic, and drama sure to delight even the most jaded time traveler. The Academy runs from 10am to 6pm and is all ages. The Cabaret is from 7pm to midnight and is 18+.


Steampunk Contemporary Art Bath House Dallas

The Mechanical Soul: Steampunk Style in Contemporary Art
Now through January 25th—The Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX

An exhibition that explores some of the elements and styles that are aligned with the aesthetics, design, and characteristics that are commonly associated with steampunk art. Featured artists include Karin Michele Anderson, Timothy Armstrong, Rita Barnard, Vicki Charlotta, Patricia Curry, Jacque Forsher, Rebecca Guy, Juli Hulcy, Caleb Winter Massey, Sarah K. Morgan, Sharon Neel Bagley, Melia Newman, Tory Padden, Kate Schatz, Kelly Scott, Daniel Sellers, Sammy Thomason, Marilee Vergati Haynes, Kyle Wood, and Theresa Wood.



Pablo Recommends:

North Texas Vintage Life Expo

North Texas Vintage Life Expo
Jan 11—Farmers Branch, TX

Why: I love the fact that I’m seeing Dieselpunk events pop up more and more, especially here in Texas. Organized by the North Texas Dieselpunks, the world’s leading Dieselpunk organization, this is looking to be the Dieselpunk shindig to attend in January, what with the swinging bands, magicians, art galleries and so much more! While just a one day event, it seems well worth it, especially if you’re in the local area. Considering that yours truly will be there it will no doubt be a truly fantastic time!’


HRM Steampunk Symposium
Jan 10 -12—Long Beach, CA

Why: Look no further than HRM Steampunk Symposium, which is on a super awesome ship I’ve personally always wanted to see. Something always comes up closer to home for me to attend what looks like a stellar and atmospheric event, but that shouldn’t stop you if you want that ocean liner experience without actually going to sea!


Jan 17-19—Dearborn, MI’

Why: “2014 seems like a great year for visiting Detroit! Not only is the North American Science Fiction Convention, Detcon1, being held there, but the local science fiction convention, Confusion, seems like it will be a real treat this year. Sure, I know, you’re looking for the Steampunk sell first, right? Steampunks have varying interests and I have no doubt that y’all will attend something other than an event completely oriented around you. What’s that? Highly unlikely? Well, Cherie Priest is going to be there and that’s awesome! There’s also a slew of fascinating guests like Mike Carey, who wrote DC’s Lucifer series, of which I am a huge fan.

I’m also a big fan of conventions that have a con suite, as they allow for some awesome mingling and discussion, not to mention spending less money on food and more in the Dealer’s Room. Also, for another chance to see me, though I’ll be there on Detcon1 business, come attend and we’ll share a drink together. The more Steampunks, the merrier, yes? Prove me wrong and be there!”

Ay-leen the Peacemaker works at Tor Books, runs the multicultural steampunk blog Beyond Victoriana, pens academic things, and tweets.

Pablo Miguel Alberto Vazquez III is a revolutionary scholar during the day and a Voodoo Loa at night. Check out his adventures with his mime comrade as Mr. Saturday & Sixpence and stay in touch with his work in the San Antonio Neo-Victorian Association and AetherFest, Texas’ first steampunk convention.


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