Morning Roundup: We Never See Parents in the Peanuts Universe Because They’re All Dead

Happy Holidays, everybody! We were pretty excited when we found this image, because it finally explained some things we’ve been wondering about for a long time: where are the Peanuts kids’ parents? Sure, there are schoolteachers, and ostensibly the whole gang goes to Grandma’s condominium in the Thanksgiving special, but we never really see any adult supervision. Could it be that the kids live in an entirely parent-free world, and those weird waah-waah sounds we hear are just other children, throwing their voices to create an illusion of stability? Could it be that this season of joy and goodwill brings out an opposing sense of darkness in us? Is this our own way of bringing balance to The Force?

No matter. Today’s Morning Roundup will attempt to be all lightness going forth! Behold Will Ferrell drawing a Christmassy line in the sand, Paul Rudd thrusting his thorax out with pride, and a loving tribute to the greatest tech of the last two decades!

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