Twin Peaks Wins the Creepiest Christmas Carol Award, 23 Years Running

Okay, everybody—time to don some flannel, strap on your discman, and time travel back to the strange and magical world of 1990. For a brief, shining moment, Americans’ favorite pastime involved huddling around their giant TVs and bulky recording devices to find out what bizarre happenings would unfold each week in the town of Twin Peaks, Washington, and David Lynch was the reigning king of network television.

Sound crazy? It was. Also crazy? This bizarro version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” as performed by Twin Peaks cast members, including Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), recorded by KROQ radio DJs at the height of the show’s popularity.

If you haven’t seen Twin Peaks, it will make absolutely no sense whatsoever, but if you’re part of the cult that considers the series one of the best things to ever happen to television, then grab yourself some pie and hot coffee and enjoy this surreal tribute to all the quirky, morbid madness of a David Lynch Christmas…

So…um…happy holidays? For bonus credit, I hope you’re all breaking out your best creepy, Black Lodge-style backward dance moves, right about now. Or at least doing the Leland Palmer boogie. (Man, I miss this show.)


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