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This is How Big the Words of Radiance Manuscript Is!

Rejoice, Stormlight Archive fans! Words of Radiance, the eagerly awaited sequel to Brandon Sanderson’s bestselling novel The Way of Kings, is on our desks right now! Brandon just turned in the final draft to his editors, and production for the second novel in the Stormlight Archive series is underway.

While you’re waiting, feast your eyes on the massive size of the printed manuscript! We printed out all 2000 pages and you can take our word for it: this book is heavy. You can see it nearly destroyed Way of Kings rereader Carl Engle-Laird’s ability to hold things, and he’s like 11 feet tall.

Here’s a dinosaur for additional scale:

Brandon Sanderson The Way of Kings Sequel Words of Radiance The Stormlight Archive

The last word in the manuscript is… actually, we don’t even know, we can’t lift the paper up to see.

We’re working on putting up a preview of the book so you can return to the world of Roshar with us. Check back with us or the Stormlight Archive index later today!

Update: It’s here! Read “Lift” an interlude chapter from Words of Radiance. New readers or those afraid of spoilers need not fear; it introduces a new character and a new land entirely removed from the plot of The Way of Kings, and stands very well on its own.



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