And This is How Supernatural Slash Fan Art Ends Up Showcased in School

We all know that some works of fan art are truly epic and mega-skillfully rendered, and that fandom can inspire the creative in us all. But one student had a singular experience with this while creating some Destiel (that’s Dean Winchester and Castiel from Supernatural) fan art at school.

This is just too good to be true.

According to sheriarty-iou’s Tumblr, this is how it went down:

I made this melted crayon painting of Cas and Dean staring into each other’s eyes in art class and my teacher saw it and was like “Oh that’s so pretty, what is it” and I told it was a man and his guardian angel and she hung it up in the showcase in the hallway and now my school has gay Destiel rainbow art in the hallway and I…

Fandom, everyone. In your schools, on your walls, promoting true love between a man and his guardian angel right under you noses. We’re enjoying the portrait enough as is (it’s very pretty), but the idea of students and teachers walking by it every day without realizing who those gentlemen are is an extra-special brand of ticking.

Help, we’re laughing too hard. Send help. Can’t stop….

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