Superheroes Dropped Into Classic Works of Art!

Over at, they frequently hold art and photoshopping contests, and one of their favorite categories is “Superhero ModRen,” where they encourage fans to put superheroes into their favorite works of art. Some of the results on this are truly stunning, and they’ve run the category half a dozen times or so. Here are a few favorites from our end! (The one to the right would be Wonder Woman imposed on Lucien Henri Grangérard’s “Adolesence.”)


This Jacques-Louis David piece “Male Nude known as Hector” has been given quite a twist with Captain America on the ground. We’re not sure if he’s getting back up. Cap? Can you hear us?

Captain America, Jacques-Louis David


M. C. Escher’s “Hand with Reflecting Sphere” is reflecting a different sort of being across its surface. Yeah, this one is pretty gorgeous.

Dr. Manhattan, M. C. Escher


What could you possibly add to Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks”? Well, it turns out that this is a perfect Gotham set to have Batman and the Joker intrude on. We’re kind of surprised the painting didn’t always look like this.

Batman and The Joker, Edward Hopper


Superman decided to take a break with Edgar Degas’ lovely “Danseuses,” which we can hardly blame him for. Looks like they’re having a fabulous time!

Superman, Edgar Degas


This might be our favorite, really. “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Hokusai is iconic, but having Aquaman invade our more serious ruminations on the piece just makes us smile.

Aquaman, Hokusai


There are so many more over an! Check here, here, there, here, here, and here.


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