Before You See Thor: The Dark World, Watch Tom Hiddleston Have A Pillow Fight!

Can we have slumber parties with Tom Hiddleston?

Josh Horowitz’s MTV After Hours slumber party series recently had Loki on to ask the important questions in life (such as whether he has ever seen Chris Hemsworth naked…) and dance break and generally make us all very sad that we’re not personal friends with Tom Hiddleston. There were pillow fights.

Hiddleston was quick to point out that more slumber parties probably would have prevented Loki from a path toward evil—if only Thor had invited him on the outings. He plays Fuck, Marry, Kill with Thor characters (which he describes as “dark, man”), dances on the bed, then proceeds to have an epic pillow fight.

We are so done with you, Tom. You’re not allowed to be this much fun if we can’t join in.


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