New York Elected Klingon General Martok Into Office This Week

Kahless once said…Great men do not seek power. Great men have power thrust upon them. And so it was that Klingon General Martok was elected to the Ulysses Town Board during this week’s New York state elections.

Martok actor J.G. Hertzler, currently a theatre and film department adjunct professor at Cornell University, was introduced this August at the Democratic caucus as “the only Klingon general living in Ulysses.” He emerged victorious this past November 5th in what we can only assume was a long, grueling, intoxicating war—much like marriage.

Hertzler is expected to spend his term on the Town Board waging glorious battle against hydrofracking companies and searching for a town board member to go targ hunting with. Qapla’!


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