Morning Roundup: The Joker Invites You Under The Big Top!

Artist Berk Senturk appreciates a flair for showmanship. And “Les Cirque des Heros” is overflowing with the excitement of a classic circus! Senturk featured a series of superpowered circus folk, including Wonder Woman showing off her Amazonian acrobatics, Catwoman taming tigers, and, most thrilling of all, the Clown Prince of Crime shown above! The Joker’s last sojourn in a carnival ended so well, we can’t wait to see his act this time…

Morning Roundup is the Clown Prince of Links! Or, um, something. Here’s Natalie Portman talking about Thor: The Dark World, a profile of the Cult of Murakami, and an interview with George R.R. Martin!


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