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Stop That—We Love It Too Much. It’s Magnificent Bastards Week on!

The world loves its bad girls and boys. Tortured, complex souls who throw wrenches in careful plans, who challenge heroes, who make the choices that no one else would dare to make… because no one else could never get away with it. Yet some of these figures are decidedly a cut above the rest—they do all this with a certain style, a scathing wit, a touch of madness that you wouldn’t mind catching on bad days. They aren’t just cool baddies, they are indisputably… Magnificent Bastards.

All week on we will be paying tribute to these fiends in their various incarnations through genre. We will talk Disney villains and dastardly dress sense, jokers and tricksters, redemption and revilement. We will laugh and we will cry, likely at the same time. We will only dress in leather and velvet. (You’ll have to take our word on that one.)

And no, it’s no coincidence that this is the week Thor: The Dark World is being released in the U.S. That means that one of the greats amongst the Magnificent Bastard ranks will once again grace our theater screens. Big guy, we love you and Mjolnir so (we really do), but at the end of the day Stubby’s crew has all enlisted in Loki’s Army. Check out our non-spoiler review of the new Thor movie to ready yourself for a week of wickedness.

We know what you’re thinking… “When do we start?”


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