Why Hasn’t Wolverine Been Added to the Disney Princess Line Yet?

That is what David J Prokopetz wanted to know when Disney acquired Marvel, so he asked Tumblr artists to lend a hand and get Logan some new duds. Each person who expressed their interest to him got a cool $50 commission for their depiction. And how did artists on the site react?

Well, you know Tumblr. The place where all challenges like this should be posed….

While everyone has been busy putting Disney princesses in fun alternate costumes this Halloween, we now have what we truly wanted: Wolverine in so many pretty dresses, claws and all. Have a sample below, and check Tumblr’s #Wolverine is the best Disney princess tag for more!

The first picture was from Kris Trawick, which we love because Logan is letting all the lovely birdies perch upon his adamantium fingers and sing their happy songs to him. This second one caught our attention because it has all the customary sauciness we expect of Wolverine. He is so digging his new look from Clawfoot Tub.

Disney Princess Wolverine


This lovely Wolverine is hanging out in a favorite Disney princess spot—a fountain! And he’s loving those butterflies. His gloves are lacy for obvious reasons, and we are super appreciative of his hairy décolletage. (From Breadsports.)

Disney Princess Wolverine


This one from Gathaspar might be our favorite, simply because Logan looks so… him. He’s bulky and over-defined and his hair is all good and he’s oddly tender to those flowers. Maybe Jean gave them to him. (Jean would make such an awesome Disney prince—you know it.)

 Disney Princess Wolverine

Prokopetz will hopefully commission more of these lovelies, so keep an eye on his Tumblr for more!

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