Need to Prove The Big Bang Theory Isn’t Funny? Add Tidus’ Weird Laugh

Some beautiful, beautiful human being (YouTube user skylazor) has taken the eternally weird “Tidus fake laugh” from Final Fantasy X and replaced the laugh track from The Big Bang Theory with it. The results are incredibly satisfying. The forced nature of Tidus’ laugh underscores just how flat and lifeless The Big Bang Theory is without its laugh track to prop it up, and the combination of the two forms this weird, post-modern narrative. Are you listening to a mad man enjoy one of the unfunniest sitcoms of all time? Why are you watching him do it? And why is it so funny?

Confused as to the origin of the laugh? It originates from a scene in Final Fantasy X where the main character Tidus is trying to cheer up the summoner he’s chosen to protect. (He is super-unqualified for the job and her quest is destined to end with her death, you see.) His solution? Laugh even though you don’t want to. Then this happens:

(To be clear, I do not actually begrudge anyone the joy they receive from watching The Big Bang Theory or playing Final Fantasy X. But damn if this mash-up isn’t one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.)

[via Kotaku]


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