Princess Deadpool Could Probably Actually Kill You (With Cuteness)

Over on gamewiregirl’s Tumblr is a set of photos featuring her three-year-old daughter in a Princess Deadpool costume. Each picture is more arresting than the next. Of course, these “princess” versions of boy costumes crop up a lot, but what makes this particular combo are two things. First of all, gamewiregirl tells us that the design came right from the source: “My 3 year old told me EXACTLY how she wanted the costume to look and walked me through the entire thing, bossing me around. It was so much fun.”

Second of all, the range of pictures assembled proves that her daughter is in fact a mini incarnation of Deadpool. She’s got the swords, the attitude, oh, and she kills a bunch of other Deadpools at a convention. Check out the Tumblr for more pictures! Really, though, do it. Princess Deadpool will just make snarky quips about you behind your back if you don’t….


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