No Reboots? Iron Man 2020? Kevin Feige Updates Us on the Avengers Movie Universe

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is currently on a worldwide press junket to promote Thor: The Dark World, and along the way he’s dropping some interesting details on the future of the Marvel Avengers movie universe, Ultron, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and more. We’ve rounded up some highlights below. Possible spoilers.

  • Coulson Lives (For Some Reason): Feige doesn’t know how Coulson survived, or what the ultimate plan for the character is. It’s up to the head honcho of Marvel’s TV efforts, Jeph Loeb, to clue Feige in on that. This maybe nixes the possibility of a Coulson-Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron….
  • Avengers Actively Un-Assembled?: Speaking of the Avengers…“It will be clear why they [the Avengers] have come back together in this film. Which I hope kind of makes it clear retroactively why they didn’t get together at the end of Iron Man 3. Why they didn’t get together to help Thor save London in this film. Some of that will be clear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And I think I’ve said that Cap 2 is the link between Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron.” So there’s an ulterior force keeping the Avengers apart? In Iron Man 3 it was assumed that Tony couldn’t really deal with seeing any of the Avengers besides Bruce, and one assumes that the attack on London in Thor 2 happens too fast for our heroes to assemble. Is there a larger force at work keeping the Avengers un-assembled? Is that essentially what “Ultron” is?
  • Iron Man 2020: The notion of an Iron Man 4, with or without Robert Downey Jr., won’t be tackled until after Avengers 3. Since the third Avengers movie might not come out until 2018, that means we might not see further Iron Man movies until 2019. (Although those familiar with Marvel comics continuity might think they would hold an Iron Man film until 2020 since it’s a momentous year in the Iron Man mythos. This is pure speculation on our part.)
  • Man…Iron Man: Feige is still very interested in keeping Iron Man a James Bond-style franchise.
  • No Reboots: The Marvel Studios head also doesn’t consider the ongoing Avengers universe something that should need to be rebooted, even as it grows in complexity over the next 20 years and even as different actors come in to play the role of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, etc.
  • No Spider-Man: Feige is open to the idea but with Sony building their own Spider-Man movie universe and Marvel building their Avengers universe, he doesn’t see a creative need for a crossover to happen.
  • More Hulk. Marvel would like to make another attempt at a Hulk movie, this time with Ruffalo starring, but it also keen on having the Avengers movies be the only place he shows up in order to keep anticipation high. Still…Hulk might very well be a Phase 3 announcement.
  • Filming Status: Guardians of the Galaxy just finished filming. Filming on Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron will follow next spring and summer.
  • Oh? The post-credits scene in Thor: The Dark World will tease Guardians of the Galaxy. (And will most likely feature Benicio del Toro as The Collector, according to an earlier leak.)

[via Den of Geek]


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