This Supernatural Infographic Set is Your Guide to Plaid and Alcohol Consumption

Everyone loves a good infographic in their life, but it’s even more fun when you can use the info to poke loving fun at your favorite things. This perfect set of infographics, generated by Tumblr user writingspeaks, tallies some of our favorite tropes from Supernatural seasons 1-8. For example—need a count of how many demons they fight per season? Look above!

Dean’s boozing hit a peak in season 7, which makes sense considering the losses he suffered. We’re happy he’s on the mend, though, drinking far less last season. And there are a whopping 60 counts for number of times one Winchester asks the other what’s up, only to have his brother lie to his face. Makings of great drama, of course.

Amazingly, the use of plaid seems to have increased over the show’s tenure. Then again, maybe that isn’t surprising, since that seems to be what they traded their youthful hoodies for. (Sam, though. Sam, please. You have a problem.) Also, there has happily been an increase in hugs—we blame Benny for that one. Good old Benny.

There are more of these lovelies over at writingspeaks’ Tumblr, and you should really check them out. Particularly if you would like to know the mortality rate of Sam’s love interests or how often Dean and Cas stare at each other for way too long. (I mean, that’s half of the reason you’re watching the show, isn’t it?)


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