Tired of Sexy Devil Costumes for Halloween? We Got You Covered, Ladies.

We found the coolest website! For females of the species who would prefer to make their own costumes (and don’t require the ubiquitous “sexy” version), Take Back Halloween is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Check out the suggestions! The history! The awesome research that has gone into this very impressive project!

Take Back Halloween takes female figures from history, mythology, and stardom to create a fresh list of possibilities for dressing up on October 31. But that’s not all—enough historical research goes into these options that you can count on your costume being as accurate as you desire. The instructions for each outfit is done on a DIY basis; items you might already have in your closet, or could easily find in thrift stores and on Ebay. If descriptions or pictures of these women exist on record, they are displayed for useful details.

Take Back Halloween, Lasiren, goddess of the sea

Lasiren, the Haitian goddess of the sea!

What’s even more heartening is to see how diverse the selection of costumes are. From Egyptian goddess Isis to Ching Shih the Chinese pirate to Hawai’i’s last monarch Liliuokalani, women of all backgrounds and heritages are being represented.

It’s so exciting to see resources for women who are keen to have fun on Halloween and would prefer a costume that allowed them a more active role. A perfect place for teachers to direct their students, for parents to inspire their daughters, and for all of us who are hooked on All Hallow’s Eve to get a fresh perspective for our next costume party!


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