Gaming Roundup: In Which BioWare Talks New Mass Effect


Mass Effect 3 launched a year and a half ago, and with it came an (admittedly controversial) official end to the tale of Commander Shepherd, intergalactic hero extraordinaire. That said, any Alliance soldier with a good head on their shoulders could tell you that it’s only a matter of time before BioWare returns gamers to the Mass Effect universe, and this past week, we learned a little more about what the franchise’s next offering might look like.

In a recent interview, Mass Effect 3 lead writer Mac Walters discussed BioWare’s intentions for the next ME game. According to Walters, the studio is placing a heavy focus on ensuring the title is not merely known as Mass Effect 4, implying a continuation of the story told in the first trilogy. Instead, they hope to see the new game stand on its own two feet, without feeling like a spin-off of the original series. As such, it seems the story will try to avoid Shepherd’s exploits and adventures altogether—a task rendered less difficult by the sheer depth of the ME universe. Does this perhaps pave the way for a quarian, asari or turian protagonist? Or perhaps even the further adventures of Blasto, the Hanar Spectre?! We can only hope.

On a related note, Mark Protosevich, a screenwriter of the Oldboy remake who was formerly attached to the Mass Effect movie, spoke with IGN this past weekend at New York Comic Con about the ME movie’s current status. While Protosevich is no longer a part of the film’s writing team, he showed great faith in the game’s adaptability to the big screen (due largely to its character work), mentioning that another writer was now on the project and the film was moving along.

Stay tuned to this space for more news on Mass Effect as it comes.

In other gaming news this week, Rockstar garners some goodwill from PC gamers, Watch Dogs gets delayed, and a Kingdom Hearts II remake is en route. Read on!

  • Die-hard PC gamers, Rockstar’s showing you some love. GTA V is hitting PCs early on in 2014.
  • Ubisoft’s Next Big Thing, Watch Dogs, has been delayed until Spring 2014. The game, initially projected to be a next-gen launch title, is being pushed to allow for in-depth fine tuning and quality control.
  • Unfortunately for Ubisoft, the delay of Watch Dogs and another one of their projects, The Crew, is hitting them hard financially. Their stock fell by 25% earlier this week.
  • Microsoft tells us that on launch, when you log into your profile, any Xbox One can become your Xbox One thanks to Microsoft: Cloud. Logging into any Xbox One will give you access to your customized home screen, as well as your XBL purchases and saved games.
  • Take note, Tales of Symphonia fans: Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is hitting North American PS3s in 2014. You can grab one of only 15,000 Collector’s Editions closer to launch, containing five action figurines, a novel, a soundtrack, and the game itself for $99.95.
  • Power through Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix already? Don’t worry—Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix is on the way, and includes Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the formerly PSP-only Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and the cutscenes of DS-exclusive Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

If there are games you’d like us to cover or blogs you think we should be following for more news, please let us know @tdelucci or @pritpaulbains.


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