These Disney Princesses Are Ready for Halloween!

Isaiah Stephens uses his art to look at pop culture and media, and in this case, the Halloween costumes of Disney characters! Particularly characters from the “Princess” world, whose choice of costumes reflect their characters in some really fun ways. Merida here makes a fabulous Rogue!

Now we have to go revamp our Halloween costume. Aurora-as-Frida Kahlo is really beginning to come together…

Isaiah Stevens Disney Princess Halloween costumes Jasmine as Chun-Li

Jasmine goes from street rats to Street Fighter as a kick-ass Chun-Li!

Isaiah Stevens Disney Princess Halloween costumes Pocahontas as Katniss

We’d imagine that Pocahontas and Katniss would probably have intense conversations about imperialism and indigenous cultures during their hunting parties. 

Isaiah Stevens Disney Princess Halloween costumes Mulan as Xena

Finally, Mulan makes a perfect Xena! We’re not sure who Mushu is going to be though…maybe Autolycus?

Check out the rest of the costumes, plus Stephens’ commentary, on the artist’s site!

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