To the Producers and Cast of Sleepy Hollow: Keep the Waistcoats!

We want to chime in on something of true importance to today’s society: Ichabod Crane’s period attire.

We’ll admit that initially we thought Sleepy Hollow sounded…silly. Ridiculous, even. But then we watched it, and the scales fell from our eyes, and we realized in a flash of blinding truth that this show is AWESOME. It is a sparkling one-of-a-kind beast that we stumbled upon, as if in a dream, and if we get too close, we fear it will vanish entirely. And we love it, truly, and we will stand by all of the decisions of its writers.


Please don’t put Ichabod in modern clothing. There was that scene, that worrisome scene, in Monday’s episode, “John Doe.” Ichabod gazed into a mirror, which if we were Ichabod is how we would spend all of our time, so we thought nothing of it. But then he asked Abbie if maybe he should update his clothing. She said, and we believe this is verbatim, “You look good for 200! But a change of clothes wouldn’t hurt.”

Wouldn’t hurt? Are you mad, writers of Sleepy Hollow whom we love and respect? His refusal to give in to modernity is part of what makes Ichabod so compelling! It’s a constant source of discomfort, a way to retain his fish-out-of water status, a poignant reminder of the wife life he lost in 1781, and a symbol of his determination to hold onto Katrina that life!

Plus, and we promise this is honestly only a tiny, half-formed thought in the back of our reptile minds, but Tom Mison really fills out a Revolutionary-War-Era waistcoat.

So stop scaring us, and just keep the period outfit. (Or at least the hair.) Thank you for your time, and the consideration of our plea.


The Sleepyheads of


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