These New-Fangled Books Will Doom Us All!


Behold the techno-panic timeline!

In Bad For You, coming on January 7th from Henry Holt, authors Kevin C. Pyle and Scott Cunningham expose the long-standing campaign against fun for what it really is: a bunch of anxious adults grasping at straws, ignoring scientific data, and blindly yearning for the good old days that never were.

In this handy graphic, they point out the repeated panics we’ve had over new technology, from the printing press to books to telephones and everything in between and around. It turns out we’re really super into blaming new things for existing problems!

If only we could invent some kind of device that would impart information from previous years and eras, as a way to…read history…in hopes of not, um, not…

No, wait, it’ll come to us….

Click the image to see the full size version.

Bad For You techno panic timeline Kevin C. Pyle Scott Cunningham


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