Geeks Married at the Haven Panel

It has become something of a tradition at conventions for various lovely geek couples to get engaged. Maybe it’s on an epic staircase before a photoshoot, or in line to get an autograph from Captain Picard. This time we had a different sort of show on the panel for Haven, the paranormal SyFy series.

The castmembers of Haven were utterly charming throughout their panel, which is always a treat for fans. Lucas Bryant took out a guitar and had the cast improv an entire song about the show, with verses for each character, and it seemed as though that was the high point of the evening. (Not that the song was good. It was awful. But it rhymed, and that was impressive all by itself.)

But perhaps you remember Eric Balfour. He’s been on a few shows you might love like, oh, say, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Six Feet Under, and 24. Given his current role in Haven as Duke Crocker (which is one of the greatest fictional names that science fiction has to offer), he decided that sort of ordained him, and got it into his head to perform a marriage for fans he had met before the panel. And perform that marriage he did.

With guitar accompaniment from Bryant and Maid of Honor services performed by actress Emily Rose, the NYCC couple was married during the panel. I suppose it wasn’t an official marriage, but they promised to watch terrible movies together and indulge each other’s bad video game habits for all eternity, so it seems that Comic Con has done its marital duty this year, and pleased Cupid for one more round.



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