Bill Nye Will Not Rest Until Everyone Loves Science!

Bill Nye has taken his Science Guy-ing to the internet! Nye is hosting a weekly show on the THNKR YouTube channel called “Why with Nye”—the man has a way with a rhyme—designed to teach kids of any age about the wonders of space.

He’ll specifically focus on the Juno mission to Jupiter. The Juno mission involved using Earth’s gravity as a slingshot to project the probe toward Jupiter, in order to study its atmosphere, magnetosphere, and gravity. By studying Jupiter, NASA hopes to better understand the distribution of elements that eventually formed Earth—or they will hope that, as soon as the government resumes functioning and they’re able to budget for hope again.

While the probe experienced a glitch yesterday during the slingshot maneuver, the researchers don’t think that this will affect its trajectory towards Jupiter, and even if something does go wrong, we can trust Nye to use it as a teaching tool. If he can dance to Daft Punk on an unbendable knee, he can do anything.


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