Andy Duncan and Ellen Klages Discuss “Wakulla Springs!”

Florida’s Wakulla Springs is the deepest submerged freshwater cave system in the world, and it inspired the beautifully sinister “Wakulla Springs” from Andy Duncan and Ellen Klages. Now the authors speak extensively with Jonathan Strahan and Gary K. Wolfe of the Coode Street Podcast! The novella took them nearly a decade to write, and the stories behind the story are fascinating. Is “Wakulla Springs” sci-fi? How did the natural setting of the Springs impact the writing process? And how did they use this story to explore social issues? The authors’ collaboration gave us a wonderful story, and writers and fan alike will delight in their conversation.

The Coode Street Podcast with Andy Duncan and Ellen Klages

Start at 41:30 for the discussion on “Wakulla Springs.”


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