Orlando Jones Leads the Sleepy Hollow Followers into Fandom Paradise

Sleepy Hollow is a bold show. While The X-Files took a most of a season to really ramp up its mythology arc, and Supernatural started with the quest to find Papa Winchester, and added more twists from there, SH used a Capital-A, secret-Bible Apocalypse as a starting point. Only once the stakes had been set at final-season levels the writers added the fact that Icabod Crane has to free his wife’s spirit from a demonic netherworld, and Abbie Mills needs to reconcile with her sister, and, oh yeah, the entire Mills family has a terrible past that will probably need to be faced at some point, and how will Ichabod live in the modern world, even if he frees his wife, and wait hang on there’s another monster to slay.


So it seems only natural that the Sleepy Hollow fandom, called “Sleepyheads” for maximum adorability, is already hacking down large tracts of Tumblr and claiming it for their own. But what’s extra fun is that one of the show’s star’s Orlando Jones ( as Requisite Irascible Police Chief Irving – groan…) is actively part of the fandom. A few weeks ago The Daily Dot pointed out his call for fanfic. It turns out that he is more active on Twitter and Tumblr than even the most Hiddleston-obssessed 14-year-old.


His Twitter stream is a thing of beauty. He basically live-tweets during episodes, commenting on the action, talking to fans, occasionally teasing his network (“How many times are they gonna tell us we are watching Fox. I know that already.”) and creating hashtags like #IchyWitIt and #50ShadesofCrane. Actually, hes pretty much the only person who should be allowed to use hashtags.

He’s also an avid shipper, and while he remains loyal to Ichabod and Katrina’s marriage (“Shippers take note #Ichatrina lives – Just sayin’”) he called Ichabod/Abbie pairing Ichabbie – at least until this week’s episode:

“’Grace’ Abagail Mills? That fucks up the whole shipper name #HessiansRuinEverything.”

And he is willing to change his mind, as he’s now pulling for a romance between Ichabod and Yolnda the Onstar Northstar lady – he just needs some help choosing between “#Ichalonda” or “#Yolabod.”

Best of all, he celebrates the fans love of the show by retweeting art, like “Donut Hole Jealousy” by Deviantartist FalseHope04:


This Toy Story/Sleepy Hollow crossover meme he found, and The Sleepy Hollow Bingo Game. He also encourages writers to send him their Irving/Crane fic. So do with that information as you will, and perhaps maybe your tale of the star-cross’t love between a Revolutionary War-era spy/Oxford professor, and a perpetually annoyed 21st century police chief, will find it’s way into Jones’ Twitter stream, or his Tumblr, or maybe even….his heart.


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