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If You Think Dungeons & Dragons Leads to Suicide, You Don’t Understand Gaming


In Bad For You, coming on January 7th from Henry Holt, authors Kevin C. Pyle and Scott Cunningham expose the long-standing campaign against fun for what it really is: a bunch of anxious adults grasping at straws, ignoring scientific data, and blindly yearning for the good old days that never were.

Today’s excerpt highlights the tragic story of Dallas Egbert, a child prodigy who committed suicide, and the publicity-chasing detective who linked his suicide to his love of Dungeons & Dragons. The excerpt takes a deeper look into the real connection between fantasy gaming and the emotional development of young adults. This excerpt may contain material of a triggering nature.

You can see more excerpts from Kevin C. Pyle and Scott Cunningham’s Bad For You here on Tor.com, including maps of comic book burnings, a history of banned books stretching back over 2000 years, more kneejerk reactions to games, and much more.

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