Preview for Star Wars: Rebels Makes Us Seriously Nervous

If a teensy-weensy 16 second trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels TV show is enough to make us wince, it’s probably unwise to get hopes up—right?

Okay, it’s not just the announcer-guys really aggravating “this is for kids” delivery. (Do kids actually respond to that? We’re pretty sure we would have given the most sarcastic eyeroll as young’uns.) It’s more a question of how the heck does this implied plot work? As the trailer puts it:

“To battle the Empire, a rebel alliance will form, the Jedi will rise, and you will know the power of the Force!”

Wait, isn’t this supposed to take place between the prequels and the original trilogy? How will we know the Force? How can we do Jedi things when the last two guys are hanging out on backworlds and the galaxy’s tiniest hope is teething on a moisture farm? Or, as the conversation in our office went:

“Did they forget the part where he [Anakin] basically killed all of them.”

“Even the tiniest ones!”

So… uh, good luck with that! We guess we’ll see what transpires when this show drops in 2014.


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