Carrie Uses Viral Marketing to Terrorize Coffee Drinkers


Carrie viral marketing stunt, telekinetic woman

Everyone has those days sometimes—you’re just trying to enjoy your cup of coffee or tea, and then some bozo bumps you or your table, and you loose the caffeinated goodness and run your favorite skinny jeans. And then you get furious and send that jerk right into a brick wall using your telekinetic powers.

We’ve all been there.

To get everyone pumped for the remake of Carrie, some viral marketing was employed at a New York coffee shop in the West Village. Using pulleys, springs, and remote controls, several actors created a scene in front of actual customers. A young woman, angry at another patron for spilling her coffee all over her things, discovers that she can drive him up a wall, knock books from shelves and shove tables and chairs using the power of her mind.

Watching the reactions of disbelieving customers might be the best case of schadenfreude we’ve ever experienced.

So did it work? Do you want to go see Carrie on the big screen right now? It definitely got us all tingly and excited.


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