Nathan Fillion Lands Guest Spot on Community Via Twitter

You may have heard the stupendous-tastic news that Nathan Fillion is going to appear on the upcoming season of Community! But do you know how he got the part? Do you even know what the part is? This is Nathan Fillion, these details are important.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fillion part is the head custodian of Greendale Community college, named Bob Waite:

In the episode, Annie (Alison Brie) and her criminology professor Buzz Hickey (guest star Jonathan Banks) have to contend with the shrewd Bob.

Which sort of sound to us like Fillion is playing the janitor from Scrubs. Which… isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

But the best part is how Fillion seems to have landed the roll. After a Twitter follower asked him what show he’d like to guest star on most, he appropriately replied:

Nathan Fillion, Community, Twitter, Dan Harmon

So… Nathan Fillion got his guest spot by mentioning that he wanted a guest spot on Twitter. We approve of this casting method. Perhaps if Stubby tweets at Dan Harmon, Stubby can get a guest spot as well. Yes. This is an excellent idea.


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