Gaming Roundup: Half-Life 3 Exists, Doesn’t Exist, Then Exists Again


Just a few short weeks ago, the gaming world felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of Half-Life 3 fans cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Valve voice actor John Patrick Lowrie had let it slip in an interview that, to the best of his knowledge, Half-Life 3 was not in development, and so gamers everywhere broke out their torches and pitchforks and stormed Valve’s virtual front gates, decrying the developer’s apparent neglect of their flagship franchise.

Well, a lot has changed since then.

Shortly after his interview took the gaming-verse by storm, Lowrie retracted his comments, saying he honestly had no idea about Half-Life 3’s current development status. Perhaps more concretely, in the last few days, there have been a number of indications which suggest that not only is the game in development, it has also accrued a fairly substantial development team. The NeoGAF community unearthed the fact that Valve trademarked Half-Life 3 in Europe this past weekend. Furthermore, Reddit stumbled upon an unintentionally (maybe) publicly-available piece of Valve internal software that seems to confirm Half-Life 3 development is in-progress under the charge of a team of nearly 50 people.

So rest easy, Half-Life fans. You may still have to wait for quite some time, but the wheels are in motion. The G-Man awaits…

In other gaming news this week, The Last of Us gets its first DLC, GTA Online launches, and the Warcraft movie is apparently legit. Read on!

  • The first The Last of Us DLC, Abandoned Territories, launches in October, and adds a number of multiplayer maps to the game. You can expect to wait a few more months for a substantive single player DLC.
  • The Warcraft movie, helmed by Moon director Duncan Jones, will officially hit theatres on December 18, 2015. Sounds like this is really going down, folks.
  • RIP Tom Clancy, thriller writer extraordinaire and one of the pioneers of military gaming via the Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, and Splinter Cell series. Ubisoft promises to continue his legacy going forward.
  • Meet Destiny’s newest enemy alien race in the game’s new trailer, entitled The Moon.

  • GTA Online launched this week, but be warned: Rockstar’s magnum opus is suffering through some growing pains, as is always the case with ambitious massively multiplayer launches. Online service should be smoothed out within a week or so, but in the meantime, in-game microtransactions will be disabled.
  • In the mood for some intense survival horror? Check out Shinji Makami’s latest offering: The Evil Within. Fair warning—the trailer below is not for the gore-averse.

  • Finally, most of you are probably already aware of this, but since it didn’t get a mention in this space a few weeks ago—a belated RIP to Hiroshi Yamauchi, one of Nintendo’s founding fathers.

If there are games you’d like us to cover or blogs you think we should be following for more news, please let us know @tdelucci or @pritpaulbains.


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