How Would the Media React if The Avengers Were Real?

Half the fun of being a fan is imagining what your favorite fictional worlds would amount to as realities. In some cases it involves guessing how our world would react to the emergence of very scary truths—like aliens attacking New York City and a group of super-people teaming up to stop it. How would modern news cover the Avengers? How would the media handle the group of potentially very scary individuals when the world wants to know every single thing about them?

Enter the Mediavengers Tumblr, created by Kimba McG, which is doing a fantastic service to fandom by assembling (see what I did there?) various photoshops that insert the Avengers into real magazines and newspapers. And fake movies! Stealthy internet sites! Prepare to enjoy this headcanon of beauteous tabloid journalism.

Can’t wait for Thor: The Dark World? Well, none of us can, but to pass the time, just gaze longingly at this gorgeous New Scientist cover. Jane Foster is building that bridge to another dimension, and the whole world is gonna know about it soon enough.

Mediavengers, Jane Foster, New Scientist magazine cover


And what about a National Geographic spread showing the best pictures of the century (so far)? Of course Hulk’s rescue of Iron Man shoots right to the top of that list. In their universe, someone clever with a camera—and zero survival mechanisms—got that perfect shot, and it went viral the second it hit the web.

Mediavengers, National Geographic, Iron Man, Hulk


The Avengers would be instant celebrities, and everyone would want to catch pictures of them doing anything all the time. (Nothing new for Tony, at least, who is more than accustomed to the attention.) So here we have an arrangement for a collection called “Average Avengers.” Just superheroes doing what they do on their time off. This is even more awesome because of the Average Avengers fanfic that set fire to that darling concept. (Yes, it is slash fic behind the link. But completely SFW.)

Mediavengers, Average Avengers


Obviously, once Pepper gets her heels dug in firmly as Stark Industries CEO, she’s making all the headlines. Tony Stark, you are one lucky boyfriend.

Mediavengers, Forbes magazine cover, Pepper Potts


Of course, there’s plenty of controversy. Even when you’re as shiny and upright as Captain America, someone is going to call you into question….

Mediavengers, Captain America


The tabloids are bound to have a field day, making all sorts of outrageous claims about hook ups and hay-rolling—I, for one, am super excited about the Stark Tower “Den of Sin” that Tony and Steve have up and running.

Mediavengers, National Enquirer, Iron Man, Captain America


And don’t forget the movies that will get made immediately following the tragedy. (Okay, they’ll probably wait a whole two years.) According to a set of fantastic fan posters and magazine covers, both Michael Bay and David Fincher will be making movies about the battle of New York—there’s a whole article on the subject. Bay’s will be called The Tower, and Fincher is going classy with a movie called Zero Sum Game.

The fake casting is what really makes this, with Bay going for people like Milla Jovovich as Widow, Nicolas Cage as Iron Man, and 50 Cent as Nick Fury. Fincher’s got Christian Bale for Stark, Jensen Ackles for Cap (oh, my Supernatural heart, it’s just belting “Eye of the Tiger” right now), Edward Norton as Hulk (don’t snerk, don’t do it…), and Benedict Cumberbatch as Loki. Check the linked article for the full casts, and in then ogle this Zero Sum Game theatrical release poster:

Mediavengers, Zero Sum Game


Designer Kimba McG fashioned all of the above images, and there’s so much more to enjoy on her Mediavengers Tumblr, giving you all sorts of opportunities to wonder just what the real world would make of real Avengers. Take a break and check out all the incredible work!

Emily Asher-Perrin just loves this so much for creating a movie that is based on a movie if the movie were real and not a movie. You can bug her on Twitter and read more of her work here and elsewhere.


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