Make Way Commissioner Gordon—John Constantine Wants A TV Show Too

Hot on the heels of Daniel Cerone’s announcement that Comissioner Gordon would be starring in his own Gotham TV show, it looks like he’s got one more up his sleeve: Cerone will also be developing a show surrounding occult detective John Constantine for NBC.

It has to be better than the Keanu Reaves movie, right?

David S. Goyer (of Man of Steel and Dark Knight fame) will be penning the script alongside Cerone, and for once this might be cause to celebrate. The dark sensibilities Goyer brings to every project have put many fans in a twist over the years, particularly when Superman hit screens this past June. But those sensibilities are pretty darned suited to Constantine’s world—the Hellblazer comics are anything but an uplifting set.

John Constantine is another Alan Moore creation, and with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen being optioned as a Fox show, maybe a crossover could happen! Actually, that’s a terrible idea. Ignore us.

Either way it’s amusing (though not at all surprising) to find that Cerone’s next two projects are really nothing more than glorified cop shows. Supervillain-catching cop and magic cop! Cop shows with a twist. We think it’s about time someone just created a network for them all. But then 76% of all television programs would be on that station, and the networks would have nothing to play with but fairy tales and bad sitcoms.

Check out the announcement on Hollywood Reporter for more!


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