This Geeky Crayon Sculpture Art Will Blow Your Mind

Westeros houses! In crayon! Not drawn by crayon, but as tiny crayon-made sculptures. They are so pretty. There are more of them, including Star Wars visages and cartoon princesses. We are so, so very impressed. We haven’t been made this envious by talent since book scuplting started becoming a thing.

They come from a Tumblr blog called “Wax Nostalgic,” which makes us giggle. Until we remember the talent again and start weeping.

It’s Zoidberg! He’s just so happy someone thought of him, poor guy. No one ever remembers Zoidberg.

crayon art, wax nostalgic tumblr, zoidberg


And now Boba Fett! That tiny antenna! The attitude peeking out through wax!

crayon art, wax nostalgic tumblr, boba fett


Princess Bubblegum—admit it. You want to cuddle this crayon sculpture. To keep her next to your computer to bolster your self-esteem as needed.

crayon art, wax nostalgic tumblr, princess bubblegum


And this may be the smallest piece of R2-D2 art we’ve ever come across. Look at him. He’s so detailed and beautiful….

crayon art, wax nostalgic tumblr, r2-d2


And there are more on the Wax Nostalgic Tumblr! You should really head over and check out all the love going into these tiny works of art.


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