Morning Roundup: George R. R. Martin Kidnapped By Zeppelin-Hoarding Robber Baron

ALERT! Scheming robber baron and amateur electrophysicist John Hodgman has purloined one of science fiction/fantasy’s most beloved writers, George “Rail Road” Martin. The two were last seen together at this past weekend’s Emmy Awards, a ceremony celebrating achievement in the highly theoretical field of tele-vision.

It is believed that the above still of Hodgman feverishly gripping his prize was taken moments before the photographer was felled with hypno-judo. The madman filed no flight plan and has not been seen at any of his many menageries. The authorities have asked the public to be on the lookout for the pair, and to beware of the largely bulletproof Hodgman, who is easily agitated and prone to pinwheeling with fists.

Morning Roundup is also largely bulletproof, and pinwheels with links! Or something. Click through for an interview with Jeff Smith, a Mars-colonization plan, and a Wolverine music video! 


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