Yelling at Lois Lane Gave Christian Bale His “Batman Voice”

Love it or hate it, the Bat-Growl is one of the greatest marks Christian Bale left on the Batman. Now footage from the Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray release show us just how it came into being. And it turns out one of the first people to hear it was… Lois Lane?

Bale had several screentests using Val Kilmer’s old Batsuit. (We have to assume that everyone thought Clooney’s nipple-suit would put everyone off any actor who donned it.) Hilariously enough, one of the first screen tests had Amy Adams standing in as Rachel. Clearly, the universe wants us to start on those “Batman’s gonna steal Superman’s girl jokes” before Affleck has even shrugged on the cowl.

Nolan was pretty pleased with Bale’s take using the alternate voice, noting that it was important to project something different through the suit, a person who was not recognizable as Bruce Wayne. But that this rate, it’s mostly just funny watching Bale try to act through a Batman costume that clearly does not fit him.

[via Bleeding Cool]

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