Morning Roundup: Release the Adorable Kraken!

We’re guessing Liam Neeson wouldn’t be able to terrify Argos with this goofy multi-colored Kraken, but if he gets a role in Revenge of the Titans we might be willing to see it! The Kraken was one of the great villains of the Carta Marina, the earliest detailed map of Scandinavia and the surrounding seas, and features lovingly-drawn renditions of fantastical marine creatures, from Pristers and Polypus to the classic Sea Serpent. You can read more about the ancient map (and ogle more sea monsters) over at Wired!

Morning Roundup is still staggering through a post-“Ozymandias” landscape, but we’re doing our best. We have super-cute Marvel/DC team-ups, promises of alien contact, and news about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Extravaganza!


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