Morning Roundup: We Always Knew Hagrid Was an Artist!

Myers-Briggs personality tests are already a pretty fun way to tap into Jungian archetypes, but adding Harry Potter characters is pretty brilliant. Artist Makani really brought out the personalities in these character sketches, perfectly emphasizing James Potter’s rakish charm and the Weasley twins’ mischievous glint. And writer Simbaga paired characters with test results that often make unexpected sense—while Harry’s adventures and accolades can make him seem like a heroic extrovert, he really does remain a thoughtful and sensitive character underneath, as his casting as “Craftsman” highlights. And of course Ron is the Champion. See the full-sized chart here.

Today’s Morning Roundup eases you gently out of the weekend with horrifying interstellar screams, fire-breathing dragons, and a reminder to go to the gym! Enjoy!


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