Disney Princesses Firebend Now, and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

In a move of mad genius in the category of fan art, Tumblr user Carton Cookie has put together the mashup we never knew we needed until now: Disney princesses (and other fine Disney folk) in the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe. That would be Jasmine. Firebending. With her lightning tiger, Raja.

And there is so much more where that came from—even a little bloodbending. (We’re just gonna… hide. Over here.)

Here’s Snow White and her seven companions. We like this idea much better! Instead of becoming their housekeeper, the dwarves teach Snow how to earthbend, and she becomes so fearsome, the Evil Queen has to disguise herself before heading over.

Snow White, Earthbender, Carton Cookie Tumblr


The Order of the White Lotus is mostly dads this time around. Dads and Merlin. This is so adorable, we don’t even know.

Order of the White Lotus, Carton Cookie Tumblr


Ursula! And since it only makes sense for all mer-creatures to be waterbenders, it makes even more sense for Ursula to have learned the art of bloodbending. Which is horrible, but we loves Ursula so much it’s hard to care.

Ursula, Bloodbending, Carton Cookie Tumblr


Pocahontas was using a metaphor to get poor John Smith to understand her. Sure, she paints with all the colors of the wind—meaning she can use it to whip his would-be conquering butt. Pocahontas the airbender. Give her a TV show, stat.

Pocahontas, airbender, Carton Cookie Tumblr


There are plenty more, so you should really check out Carton Cookie’s Tumblr! Mulan is a Kyoshi Warrior! Tiana is a swampbender! And Maleficient is so much more frightening that Fire Lord Ozai….

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