Get Picard in a Sidecar, and Get on the Road!

Nathan Fillion has started an appropriately adorable motorcycle gang! After he posted this photo of the sweet bikes he and his Castle costars ride to work on his WhoSay account, he got an immediate request from fellow captain William Shatner, who wanted to be part of the gang! And Fillion gave him the only proper response: “Join? You’re the leader of the pack.”

With hierarchies established, it was clear that the gang needed a name that would live up to its captains’ illustrious careers, and Twitter was quick to respond. Some focused on the men’s shared fashion sense: “The Captains Tightpants” was one of the first contributions, from theoneandonly…joe. Others wanted to highlight the pair’s Canadian pride: “Maple Leaf Star Rangers,” from BigRevWhatWhat, and TheDuskey’s suggestion of “Malicious Kirknucks.”

There were many attempts to honor the actors’ pride in their ships, with JMcEnelly bringing starships and choppers together in his suggestion, “Space Hogs,” and MFGrishnackh tried to give both series their due with “Serenterprise.” Then there was the 70’s buddy-cop glory of “Nat & The Shat,” courtesy of SophicThunder. But the one that truly stole our hearts captured the spirits of both captains perfectly: thank you, ScottGrande, for “The MalKirktents.”

A few people took the planning to the next level. MikeFarough came through with a name, “Starship Scoundrels” and then advised that they “recruit Harrison Ford to bring the awesome to epic.” Good point. But why stop at epic? GungaJason pushed straight through to Ludicrous Speed by saying, “I would never be so presumptious [sic] as to name your gang, but may I suggest @team_barrowman as a member?” Yes, GungaJason. Yes, you certainly may. But finally, with a roster of names and back-up gang members taken care of, impworks came up with the perfect hideout: “Hooker’s Castle.” We’re sure Kirk will approve.

And hey, as long as Shatner and Fillion are going to be spending time together anyway, might we suggest The Captains Close Up: Firefly Edition?

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Serenity and the Enterprise are like Stubby’s Ron and Hermione. *Swoon*


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