Combining Gandalf and Magneto Probably Gives You Sherlock Holmes—Which is Why Ian McKellen Will Be Playing Him

We have so many Sherlocks to choose from these days, but they are all admittedly on the much younger side of things. Which might be why Bill Condon is adapting A Slight Trick of the Mind for film. It features an older Sherlock Holmes coming back to a case he never solved in the year 1947—but that’s not all!

It looks as though Sir Ian McKellen has signed on to play the Great Detective. Which is awesome because everything that McKellen touches probaby turns platinum, and also because we love him. But really, at this point, they should just cast Michael Fassbender as young Holmes, and create Baker Street Days of Future Past. Right? This makes sense, yes?

Condon has already written a screenplay that starred McKellen—Gods and Monsters—and won an Oscar for it. So let’s see what this new turn for Holmes will bring. We’re pulling for Robert Downey, Jr. turning up in the film looking confused.



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