Morning Roundup Asks You What You Wish to Learn From the Cards

For centuries people have used tarot cards to predict their destinies. If you’re worried that your destiny might involve embarking on a perilous quest to rid the world of the Ring of Power, you might want to try this Lord of the Rings tarot deck. SceithAlim, a Russian designer, has completed a large portion of the deck, casting a Black Rider as Death, a post-Shelob Frodo as the Hanged Man, and, of course, Gandalf as The Hierophant. Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrine “fool-of-a-Took” Took are our favorites though—perfect fools in search of adventure and decent pipeweed!

Today’s Morning Roundup gives you wacky hijinks from the set of Star Trek: Into Darkness, a history of rubber monsters, and a brief visit from the greatest hotel manager in all of cinema.


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