The Return of Saturday Morning Cartoons

A million years ago, when we first started, I carved out a little corner of the site for myself called Saturday Morning Cartoons, although few of them were cartoons in the classic sense. Animated shorts, and stop-motion in particular, has embodied a perfect melding of visual art, sound, and dance for me. An art form that always feels deeply internal yet just outside of comprehension.

Each week we featured two quirky, sometimes delightful, occasionally a little (or maybe a lot) creepy, and off-beat films. I ran the series pretty much non-stop for three years before I needed a break…but I find myself missing it more and more. And so, I present the Return of Saturday Morning Cartoons! Most of these will be re-runs from the first series, but I will add in new ones at regular intervals. I, myself, have been wanting to rewatch many of them and I know we have many more friends here so let’s enjoy week one two-point-oh this and every Saturday at 10:00 AM EST!

We begin with “Herzog and the Monsters” and “How Wings are Attached to the Backs of Angels”


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