Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Herzog and the Monsters” and “How Wings are Attached to the Backs of Angels”

“Herzog and the Monsters”: Lost in a sea of Penguin books, “Herzog made stories from stolen letters…” They’re not so monstrous. This is so charming, I’ve often just let it play in the background. Please visit animator Lesley Barnes’s website for the really beautiful high-res version. (3:47 minutes)

“How Wings Are Attached to the Backs of Angels”: Dark obsession. This movie is all about its transitions—it starts off with a Rube Goldberg-type device and continues with interesting visiual transitions throughout.. (11:06 minutes)


“Herzog and the Monsters”
Lesley Barnes


“How Wings are Attached to the Backs of Angels
Craig Welch

How Wings Are Attached to the Backs of Angels by Craig Welch, National Film Board of Canada


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