Fiction Affliction: September Releases in Paranormal Romance

Nineteen new paranormal romances hit the shelves for the fur, fang and fin-loving sets in September, including additions in longer-running series from Christine Feehan (Dark Carpathians); Lynsay Sands (Argeneau Vampires); Terry Spear (Heart of the Wolf); Damek’s Redemption (Legacy); Lila Dubois (Monsters in Hollywood); Bonnie Dee and Marie Treanor (Fairytale Fantasies); Mimi Jean Pamfiloff (Accidentally Yours); and Sheryl Nantus (Blaze of Glory). Note that many PNR titles are now released in either digital-only or digital-first.

Fiction Affliction details releases in science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and “genre-benders.” Keep track of them all here.

Note: All title summaries are taken and/or summarized from copy provided by the publisher.


Damek’s Redemption (Legacy #6)N.J. Walters (September 3, Samhain)

Myths and legends are more than just passing interests for Sonia Agostino. She holds degrees in folklore and anthropology, and she comes from a family of Keepers, humans charged with helping paranormal creatures survive in the modern world. Recently, her research has led her to Chicago’s Inhibitions nightclub. Its owner, known only as Damek, could be the one paranormal creature she has never seen. A vampire. Damek has good reason to refuse an audience with Sonia. She has unwittingly led vampire hunters far too close for comfort. When she stubbornly shows up at the nightclub a second time, he cannot refuse her. When Sonia discovers that her suspicions were true, she finds her loyalties unexpectedly tested. And her choice will forever change both their lives.

Dark Lycan (Dark Carpathians #24)Christine Feehan (September 3, Berkley)

Tatijana of the Dragonseekers spent centuries encased in ice with her sister, trapped in limbo between life and death. She has been freed from her frozen prison by an unknown descendent. Tatijana yearns to explore the modern world in which she now lives. Fenris Dalka has returned to the Carpathian Mountains after a long absence. He is scarred by centuries of battle. The real reason for his return home could prove deadly if discovered by the wrong person. He is compelled by a beautiful and enigmatic stranger. Tatijana and Fenris will discover all that unites them, their secrets and pasts, their predators, and the hot flush of passion that stirs their souls. Seduced into the silvery darkness of a full-moon night, they’ll also discover everything ancient and evil that exists to destroy them.

Death’s Lover (Grim Reaper #1)Marie Hall (September 3, Forever Yours)

Eve Philips thought she could never love again. After her husband died in a hit-and-run accident, Eve poured her heart into her potions shop, Witch’s Brew, and hasn’t given any man a second glance-until Cian. Gorgeous and mysterious, he incites a passion in her that she’s never felt before. Cian knows Eve is special the minute they lay eyes on each other. He’s a supernatural being with a dangerous duty, and being seen is not part of the job description. But when he meets the kind, beautiful Eve, all the rules go out the window. Now that his superiors have gotten wind of it, he has a wicked enemy on his tail. Yet all he cares about is Eve: loving her, protecting her-and finding the right time to tell her his dark and terrible secret, a secret that threatens both of their lives.

Geek Girls Don’t Date Dukes (Geek Girls #2)Gina Lamm (September 3, Sourcebooks Casablanca)

Leah Ramsey has always loved historical romance novels and dressing in period costumes. So when she has a chance to time travel and experience the history for herself, she jumps at it, figuring it can’t be too hard to catch the eye of a duke. After all, it happens all the time in her novels. Avery Russell, valet and prize pugilist, reluctantly helps Leah gain a position in the Duke of Granville’s household, as a maid. Domestic servitude wasn’t exactly what she had in mind, but she’s determined to win her happily ever after. Even if the hero isn’t exactly who she’s expecting.

Half Blind (Freelance Magic #1)Christine Price (September 3, Samhain)

Wizard Ashley Brandon thought his mentor was above the temptation to misuse magic. He was wrong, and the aftermath left him scarred. When he’s assigned to a task force protecting an ancient relic, he butts heads with the infuriating, charismatic Frederick “Charles” Greer. Greer was only supposed to temporarily consult on the task force, but his admittedly unorthodox views on team building put him at odds with Brandon. The mission’s success requires complete cooperation, so Greer makes the first move to ease the tension. An apology leads to bickering. As that tension shifts into something more fierce, a brush with the relic’s power turns everything upside down. Leaving the mission, and Brandon’s heart, in even greater jeopardy.

Have Monster, Will Travel (Monsters in Hollywood #4)Lila Dubois (September 3, Samhain)

All of Hollywood is talking about Calypso Production’s new action movie, and Joanna is tapped to be the production designer. The lead actors are monsters. Bound by tradition and discipline, Tokaki’s clan of shapeshifers has maintained the old ways. When members of another clan come up with a plan to expose and explain their hidden existence, he agrees to help. He’s asked to become something they call a “stunt coordinator.” When Joanna and Tokaki meet it’s electric. Tokaki is fascinated by the outside world, especially Joanna. When he takes Joanna to a hidden temple, neither expects she’ll be risking her very life. In order to save the woman he loves, Tokaki must turn to his family for help, risking the secrets his clan has kept for a millennium.

Heroes Lost and Found (Blaze of Glory #3)Sheryl Nantus (September 3, Samhain)

Jo Tanis is still recovering from her near-death experience in Las Vegas when she receives a mysterious postcard from Harris Limox, who claims to have a promising lead on the whereabouts of the Controller. Over her boyfriend/guardian Hunter’s objections, she sets off to ferret out the truth. The Controller is more than just a disgruntled super. He’s a rogue Guardian who was presumed dead and is now armed with a slew of high-tech hardware and he’s got the ability to detonate the implants in the back of all supers’ necks. Jo meets a surviving Alpha super, Kit Masters, whose wild plan to capture the Controller could put an entire town of innocents at risk. Jo finds herself betrayed and trapped in her worst nightmare. Fight her former teammates, or die.

How to Date a Dragon (Flirting with Fangs Trilogy #2)Ashlyn Chase (September 3, Sourcebooks Casablanca)

Sure, the fireman who saved Bliss Russo from her burning apartment building was a major hottie, but her computer and all her designs for Hall-Snark Greeting Cards went up in smoke! With a major design competition just weeks away, and her relentless family nagging her to find a husband, Bliss needs every last second to build back her portfolio. Drake Cameron, the dragon shapeshifter who came to Bliss’s rescue, can’t stop thinking about the woman he saved. But she disappeared without a trace, and now he has no way to find her. If he could just track her down, he’s sure he could win her heart.

Maiden Flight (Dragon Knights #1)Bianca D’Arc (September 3, Samhain)

A chance meeting with a young male dragon seals the fate of one adventurous female poacher. The dragon’s partner, a ruggedly handsome knight named Gareth, takes one look at the shapely woman and decides to do a little poaching of his own. Sir Gareth both seduces and falls deeply in love with the girl who is not only unafraid of dragons but also possesses a rare gift, she can hear the beasts’ silent speech. He wants her for his mate, but mating with a knight is no simple thing. To accept a knight, a woman must also accept the dragon, the dragon’s mate, and her knight, Lars, too. She is at first shocked, then intrigued by the lusty life in the Lair. But war is in the making and only the knights and dragons have a chance at ending it before it destroys their land and their lives.

Sex and the Single Princess (Fairytale Fantasies #4)Bonnie Dee and Marie Treanor (September 3, Samhain)

Will Shoemaker works his fingers to the bone to make quality footwear worthy to grace the feet of the king’s six daughters. His one-of-a-kind creations have been coming back to him in tatters. Will follows the princesses and discovers they’re dancing their nights away in a fairy world. The princess with the fastest feet is Iris, whom he has long loved from afar. With an arranged marriage in her future, Iris wrings as much pleasure as possible out of her last days of freedom. She dreams of the lowly cobbler. In a magical realm where anything is possible, Will and Iris find the ultimate fantasy: love, in each other’s arms. There’s betrayal and treachery afoot, and it’s poised to destroy everything on both sides of the veil. Including any chance of happily ever after for Iris and Will.

Soul Kissed (Shadow Kissed #2)Erin Kellison (September 3, Zebra)

While the world slumbers in Shadow, a fatal plague has swept through magekind. No one is immune to its ravages, and now that her father is dead, Cari Dolan must wield the fearful magic of her House to save innocent lives. At the mage Council’s bidding, dangerous outsider Mason Stray joins forces with Cari to hunt down the fiend responsible. But can he trust the daughter of wealth and privilege, especially when his own son is at risk? The princess will always welcome to her bed the warrior, even if one must pay the ultimate price.

Starry NightsDaisy Whitney (September 3, Bloomsbury)

Young Adult. Seventeen-year-old Julien is a romantic, he loves spending his free time at the museum poring over the great works of the Impressionists. But one night, a peach falls out of a Cezanne, Degas ballerinas dance across the floor, and Julien is not hallucinating. The art is reacting to a curse that trapped a beautiful girl, Clio, in a painting forever. Julien has a chance to free Clio and he can’t help but fall in love with her. But love is a curse in its own right. And soon paintings begin to bleed and disappear. Together Julien and Clio must save the world’s greatest art, at the expense of the greatest love they’ve ever known.

Vampires Need Not…Apply? (Accidentally Yours#4)Mimi Jean Pamfiloff (September 3, Forever Yours)

Meet Dr. Antonio Acero. Heir to Spain’s wealthiest family, world-renowned physicist, and dedicated bachelor. While on vacation in southern Mexico, Antonio discovers an ancient Mayan tablet. Local legends say it contains magical properties, properties that could put his stalling research on the map. But is this really his lucky break? When Antonio attempts to put the tablet to use, he’ll discover that Fate has other plans. Her name is Ixtab, and she’s quite possibly the deadliest deity who ever lived.



No new releases.



SEAL Wolf Christmas (Heart of the Wolf #12)Terry Spear (September 24, Sourcebooks Casablanca)

Navy SEAL Bjornolf Jorgenson and undercover operative Anna Johnson have a rocky beginning at their first meeting all to do with pantyhose and tying her to a bed after some heavy-duty sparring, and him declaring she has mighty fine killer knees. Christmas is coming but thoughts of sugar plum fairies and kissing under the mistletoe isn’t something these two gray werewolves have in mind when they’re tasked to be the newlyweds preparing for Christmas while investigating a SEAL’s murder at a Christmas Tree farm. As they battle each other as to what makes for the perfect newly married couple’s first Christmas, they learn that a little Christmas cheer can become so much more, especially if they can take down a SEAL’s killer before they become his next target.

Bound by Night (MoonBound Clan Vampire #1)Larissa Ione (September 24, Pocket Books)

Nicole Martin was only eight years old when the vampire slaves rose up in rebellion and killed her family. She devotes her life to finding a vaccine against vampirism, hoping to wipe out her memories, along with every bloodsucker on the planet. There’s one thing she cannot destroy: her undeniable attraction for the one man she should hate and fear the most. A member of the renegade vampire MoonBound Clan, Riker is haunted by demons of his own. When he recognizes Nicole and remembers how her family enslaved his loved ones, his heart burns for vengeance. When he kidnaps Nicole and holds her in a secret lair, his mortal enemy becomes his soul obsession and perhaps his only salvation. A hot-blooded lover who could heal him with her touch or bury him forever.

Deep in Crimson (Return to Sanctuary #2)Sarah Gilman (September 24, Entangled Select)

Kidnapped by humans and raised in a research facility, Jett was taught to believe his own race of demons insidious and violent. A friendship with the archangel Raphael shatters Jett’s reality. His first months of freedom find him lingering on the fringes of his home colony, Sanctuary. When the human who stole Jett captures another demon youth from Sanctuary, Jett learns of the real plan, to steal Raphael’s archangel grandchildren. Jett wants to bring his captor to justice, but he must join forces with the demon Guardians, and the demon child’s older sister, Lexine. Attraction grows between Jett and Lexine, but Lexine’s prophetic dreams make her wary. If Jett goes through the process of becoming a Guardian, he may forfeit any chance they have of being together.

One Lucky Vampire (Argeneau #19)Lynsay Sands (September 24, Avon)

When Nicole Phillips agreed to hire a housekeeper, she pictured someone a little frumpy and almost certainly female. Instead, she gets gorgeous, unmistakably male Jake Colson. The man is proving indispensable in the kitchen, and everywhere else. Except Jake might not be a mortal man at all. Who wouldn’t want to be a tall, dark, powerful vampire? Jake, for one. He’s barely had time to adjust to his new state before he’s roped into a family favor. Still, secretly playing bodyguard to sweet, sexy Nicole is turning out to be the wildest ride of his life. First he’ll put a stop to whoever’s targeting her. Then he’ll prove that this kind of love, and luck, happens only once in an eternity.

Shadow’s Curse (Imnada Brotherhood #2)Alexa Egan (September 24, Pocket)

Suffering under a curse and renounced by his clan, the Imnada shape-shifter, David St. Leger, stalks the London nights in the form of a large black wolf, channeling his desperate rage on thieves and murderers. When he’s captured by the very woman he sought to rescue, he’s thrown into the magical and dangerous world of the Other, half human, half-Fey, and one of the Imnada’s ancient enemies. Callista Hawthorne wants only to flee to her aunt in Scotland where she’ll be safe. Considering David her last hope, she offers him a deal, freedom in exchange for his protection on the long journey north. Callista is far more powerful than she knows, and with her help and her love, David may finally be able to break the curse of the Imnada.

Witchstruck (The Tudor Witch Trilogy #1)Victoria Lamb (September 24, Harlequin Teen)

Young Adult. Meg Lytton has always known she is different, that she bears a dark and powerful gift. But in 1554 England, in service at Woodstock Palace to the banished Tudor princess Elizabeth, it has never been more dangerous to practice witchcraft. Meg knows she must guard her secret carefully from the many suspicious eyes watching over the princess and her companions. One wrong move could mean her life, and the life of Elizabeth, rightful heir to the English throne. With witchfinder Marcus Dent determined to have Meg’s hand in marriage, and Meg’s own family conspiring against the English queen, there isn’t a single person Meg can trust. Certainly not Spanish priest Alejandro de Castillo, despite her undeniable feelings. Meg must open her heart to a dangerous choice. (U.S. Release)

Author Suzanne Johnson is a book geek with a fondness for a good dystopia. Her Sentinels of New Orleans urban fantasy series is launching its third book, Elysian Fields, on August 13. You can find Suzanne on Facebook and on her daily book blog, Preternatura.


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